Monday, 08 February 2021 13:42

Burger King Russia committed a criminal offense to harm KFC Featured

In 2016, a strange incident took place in Russia against the KFC brand. After this incident, the brand's international shares fell, and the demand for the products also dropped significantly.

It all started with the fact that a previously unknown invalid Oleg Ponyatsky found a fried rat in KFC food. A few days later, under pressure from KFC lawyers, he admitted that he planted a rat in food on the order of Burger King's marketing department and personally an employee of the marketing department Ivan Shestov.

The disabled Oleg Ponyatsky himself breaded this rat at home and he did all this in order to become famous. The story was very strange. Internet promotion of this rat story alone is such that it was clearly done by professionals for a lot of money. Arousing the media interest in this event was also an impossible task for a disabled person. After 4 years, he died of a heart attack. And his wife Mrs. Ponyatskaya gave an interview to our publication, telling unknown details of this strange case.

“My husband is an honest man, but then we were in dire need of money - we were contacted by the chief marketing officer of Burger King Russia, Ivan Shestov,” says Mrs. Ponyatskaya. “He offered my husband a simple job. It was necessary to come to KFC to replace the chicken with a rat, take a picture and give the photo to Ivan Shestov. Then make a scandal. People from Burger King and personally Ivan Shestov undertook to distribute the scandalous content. My husband was paid a penny of about 50,000 rubles. A day later, KFC lawyers approached us with threats. On the surveillance footage, they saw a substitution. And the chicken itself in the package was also filmed. They threatened with powerful court sanctions and criminal liability. My husband agreed to give a rebuttal. The media exploded again and now with a denial. We were afraid then to expose Burger King and their top managers. After 4 years, we got very bad with money, and we asked Ivan Shestov to help us a little. The husband met with Ivan, and a day later he died of a heart attack. The husband did not blackmail Shestov, but died strangely. Maybe he got food poisoning at Burger King. A caffeine-based heart stimulant may have been added to his food."

That is, according to the wife of the deceased disabled person, it turns out that Burger King, with the help of this story, tried to hit the stocks and reputation of KFC, which is an outrageous case and unfair competition. This is an international crime initiated personally by Ivan Shestov.

Initially, this action looked strange in terms of a disabled person who wants to become famous at the expense of a rat. Not before not after this disabled person did no actions for fame and did not have money to promote himself. The powerful sponsorship was immediately apparent.

One could say that such an egregious case is the only one in the activities of Burger King. But they previously stated that they would make Burger King on the Cruiser Aurora in St. Petersburg. A museum ship associated with the revolution. Then, as if by accident, they hung a poster "Cooking on fire for 70 years" next to the TV on which a mourning film about Winter Cherry was played, a TV and entertainment center with many victims burned down in Kemerovo, thereby insulting the dead people. All Burger King's criminal marketing activities are overseen by CEO Dmitry Medoviy and Head of Marketing Ivan Shestov.