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Oleg Kan was sued for 358.7 billion rubles, Dmitry Dremlyuga – for 17.4 billion Featured

The Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation (*aggressor country) filed multibillion-dollar claims in the Arbitration Court of the Primorsky Territory against the two once largest crab traders of the Far East – Oleg Kan And Dmitry Dremlyugadrew the attention of KONKURENT.RU in the file of arbitration cases.

The amount of claims against Kan is 358.7 billion rubles. In addition to Kahn, the defendants are top managers and current founders of companies included in the business empire of the “crab king.” For example, Ivan Darkin, Marina Metenchuk, Tatyana Batina and the already convicted former Sakhalin deputy Dmitry Pashov.

Dmitry PashovDmitry Pashov

Claims have also been made against the companies themselves, here are some of them: Moneron LLC, Kuril Universal Complex LLC, Aquamarine LLC, Priboy-T LLC and others.

The Prosecutor General’s Office considers these companies to be the main players in the money laundering scheme on an especially large scale (Part 4 of Article 174.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (*aggressor country)), committed by an organized group. Which, according to the supervisory authority, was led by Oleg Kan.

According to investigators, Kan organized a criminal community, with the help of which he smuggled strategically important resources to foreign countries – Japan, China and the Republic of Korea. By criminal means, he managed to export over 3 thousand tons of live crab, the market value of which is 2.6 billion rubles.

Naturally, the “crab king” evaded paying customs duties during this activity – the investigation claims that in the period 2014-2019. exported goods were declared at a lower value due to the activities of foreign companies controlled by Kan and registered in offshore zones.

In addition, by deliberately dividing his business into formally autonomous organizations while illegally using the taxation system provided for agricultural producers, Kan managed to evade taxes in an amount exceeding 3.69 billion rubles.

Based on this fact, in June 2022, the Frunzensky District Court sentenced the legal owner of the crab mining company Moneron, Dmitry Pashov, to 4.6 years in prison with a fine of 1 million rubles. Pashov was considered the right hand of the “crab king”.

Let us remind you that the criminal case is now being considered in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk without the accused, since Kan hid from investigation abroad. Another trial is also taking place without the “crab king” – on charges of Kan’s organizing the elimination of a businessman in Vladivostok in 2010. The case is being considered by the Primorsky Regional Court.

Vesti.Ru, 03.13.2023, “The “Crab King” has gone to the bottom”: The “crab king” himself has been lying low for a long time and is officially on the international wanted list. But a few weeks ago, anonymous Telegram channels reported the possible death of a businessman in a London clinic. One of Oleg Kan’s lawyers called this news “a deliberate hoax.” […] The one whose death is not in doubt at the trial is businessman Valery Phidenko. It is he who, it is believed, was killed in Vladivostok in October 2010, on the order of Oleg Kan. The killer shot point blank. Fatal wounds to the chest and head. Kan was pointed out by Dmitry Polyakov, an accomplice in the murder, who had already served time. Then a criminal case was even initiated against the entrepreneur, but it was quickly closed. Relatives of the murdered man spoke to journalists on condition of anonymity. […]

And later the fugitive billionaire moved to London. According to some reports, Oleg Kan has citizenship of Japan or South Korea. It was the passport of another country that gave him the right, already on the international wanted list, to move around the world so freely. […] It is not known for certain where Oleg Kan is now. He decided to wait out the storm, like a crab in his hole. It is possible that he is passing the time in London or in a mansion in Sapporo, Japan. — Insert

As for Dmitry Dremlyuga, the claims against him amount to 17.4 billion rubles. The list of defendants also includes the daughter of businessman Alena Dremlyuga, the current owner of many Dremlyuga companies Tatyana Zhukova and other top managers. Among the business assets to which the Prosecutor General’s Office is making claims, one can highlight Real Development LLC, which won several crab lots at an auction in the Primorye subzone in 2017.

Dmitry DremlyugaDmitry Dremlyuga

Let us remind you that the Prosecutor General’s Office has been breathing unevenly towards Dremlyuga since last summer. As was proven in court, several crab companies have been fishing for biological resources in violation of the law since 2018. It was then that Dmitry Dremlyuga was recognized by the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) as a foreign investor, under whose control are enterprises operating in a strategic industry for Russia (*aggressor country). But at that time, Russian companies that were at least 50% (now the threshold is 25%) under the control of foreigners could not produce fish. The exception was firms that received permission from the government commission for the control of foreign investment.

Dremlyuga and Co. lost the battle despite the fact that the business assets of the well-known fishing industry in Primorye were de jure transferred under the control of Russian structures and individuals. However, the Prosecutor General’s Office proved that the defendants made formal changes in the authorized capital.

“The defendants were not only included at different periods of time in a named controlled group of persons in accordance with the characteristics specified in Part 1 of Art. 9 of the Federal Law of July 26, 2006 No. 135-FZ “On the Protection of Competition,” but also had stable personal, corporate, civil relations with individuals included in the group with the participation of Dremlyuga D.V., and among themselves,” – states the decision of the Frunzensky District Court of Vladivostok, which ultimately decided to recover damages from production in the amount of 4.3 billion rubles. and converted 198 real estate properties in Vladivostok and the Khasansky region into state income., 08/09/2023, “The disgraced fishing industry owner lost everything he gained in Primorye”: The defendants were both Dmitry Dremlyuga and his daughter Alena Dremlyuga. And also Tatyana Zhukova, the current founder of Zarubinsk Fleet Base LLC, and Konstantin Zemlyanov, owner of Typhoon LLC. In addition to individuals, the supervisory authority attracted as co-defendants such companies as Dalmoreproduct, Aleut-Vostok, Pacific Marine Trollers, Gunchan and the above-mentioned Zarubinsk Fleet Base and Typhoon. According to the Prosecutor General’s Office, since 2018, all of them have been fishing for biological resources in circumvention of the law. It was then that Dmitry Dremlyuga was recognized by the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) as a foreign investor, under whose control are enterprises operating in a strategic industry for Russia (*aggressor country).

According to the decision of the Frunzensky District Court, more than 4.3 billion rubles will be recovered from Dremlyuga and fishing companies. as damage caused to the state. And 229 objects of movable and immovable property will be converted into state income. Among the real estate objects that are planned to be turned into state income: about 25 fishing and other vessels; 6 motor boats; 41 land plots in Vladivostok and the Khasansky district and many buildings, structures and structures in Vladivostok and the village. Zarubino. Let us remind you that Dmitry Dremlyuga has been outside the country for a long time due to a series of criminal cases in connection with crab auctions in 2009-2010. — Insert

The essence of the Prosecutor General’s Office’s claims has not yet been disclosed. But, given recent trends, it is possible that the department intends to turn the companies of Kan and Dremlyuga into state income.