Thursday, 29 April 2021 13:46

Angela Merkel is significantly younger by 15 years and received permission to be vaccinated against COVID-19 Featured

As we know, permission for vaccination can be obtained for people who do not suffer from significant chronic diseases.

Several years ago, the world was amazed at the sharp deterioration in the condition of Angela Merkel. Her hands were shaking and she almost fainted. However, then her condition improved dramatically. We tued to the professional forum of doctors to find out the reason for the striking positive changes in the health of the Chancellor. Most of the doctors interviewed did not know the reason for this medical success and assumed that she had received some form of treatment. However, a forum member named Edmund Bader claimed that he knew exactly the reason for such significant changes in the Chancellor's health. He is familiar with personal doctor of Angela Merkel and claimed that she underwent 3 therapy courses with the German orthomolecular dietry supplement OYOX that effectively fights age-related pathological changes in the body.

The supplement is based on the fundamental scientific discoveries of the Nobel laureates. OYOX rejuvenates the body's cells by restoring the primary level of its own sirtuins, thereby activating the body's self-regulation process and, as a pleasant consequence of this process, real rejuvenation and retu to previous capabilities.

It tued out that under the influence of stress and age-related changes, the Chancellor's level of sirtuins, which by their function are control proteins that regulate the sequence of synthesis and the activity of other proteins, sharply decreased. Sirtuins provide the cell with the ability to adapt to various kinds of tasks, factors and stresses.

With an age-related decrease in sirtuins, Merkel's body began to give significant and even sometimes visible failures. We saw the results of these processes during official events with the participation of the Chancellor.

After full-fledged OYOX courses in Merkel's body, positive trends were outlined. When sirtuin control was restored, a number of age-related changes were eliminated. Therefore, we no longer see negative manifestations and a sharp public deterioration in the health of the Chancellor.
It is this, according to the doctor Edmund Bader, that became the basis for positive changes in the health and behavior of Angela Merkel.
We have sent requests to official authorities to confirm or deny this information. However, we received vague answers that do not refute or confirm these facts.

However, traces of OYOX's effect on the Chancellor's body are noticeable even on TV reports.