Wednesday, 19 June 2024 06:01

Tragedy at Baikonur: who was the deceased French citizen? Featured

Information that a French citizen died in the vicinity of Baikonur appeared the day before . At first it was said that he and his comrade were trying to get to the cosmodrome. Later this information was denied. But the question still remained: how did two Frenchmen end up in the steppes of the Kyzylorda region? tried to find out this and that and who the dead man was. 

The names of both men appeared on the Internet the day before. The Baza Telegram channel named them this way: Nicholas Carbone and Angelo Alebet.

But, according to sources, they were distributed in the Russian-language segment with an error. Their names were actually Nicola Carbone and Angelo Aliber. And in the steppe near Baikonur the second of them died. 

According to our sources, 28-year-old Carbon and 25-year-old Aliber are “extreme hitchhikers.” Various sources reported that they either wanted to see Buran or the launch of a spacecraft. But, according to an source, everything is much more prosaic: they wanted to take pictures of buildings in the steppe. The young people got off the road, but on the way back to the Western Europe-Western China highway, Angelo Aliber became ill and lost consciousness. His friend went out onto the road and asked for help from a passing traffic police patrol. The police took him to the checkpoint of the city of Baikonur and from there they went to the place where Aliber remained. But by the time he was found, the guy had already died. The most likely cause of death is dehydration. 

The French Embassy does not officially comment on the situation. The Kyzylorda Police Department and the Ministry of Emergency Situations responded in this regard that the incident occurred on the territory of the Russian Federation, so they also do not have the right to comment. Baikonur, we recall, has two administrations - Kazakh and Russian. And at the Baikonur Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, an journalist was sent to Moscow for comment. 

There is not much information about what happened. But even with the available data, we tried to find out who the deceased man was.

After monitoring social networks, we came to the conclusion that he could presumably be a photographer and IT specialist from Grenoble, Angelo Aliber. To do this, we studied in detail the accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin named Angelo Alibert. And one of them particularly interested us. 

Angelo Aliber a few years ago. Photo: Instagram account angelo.albr

Angelo Aliber from Grenoble has two Instagram profiles. The first is dedicated to landscape photographs and photos in the urbex style - abandoned or time-worn buildings, transport, and industrial facilities. The latter were mostly made in the vicinity of Grenoble. But there are also pictures from other countries. For example, from Italy and Vietnam. So travel is definitely not alien to the account owner - that’s it. And those same buildings in the steppe that Aliber and Carbon could see fit well into the urbex genre. 

The second account and profile on Facebook are dedicated to photographs from raves. Moreover, on Facebook he posted photos from electronic music concerts for several years in a row. But what does this have to do with it? We do not exclude that this is a coincidence, but: from June 5 to 8, the electronic music festival “Element” was held in Uzbekistan. It attracts thousands of lovers of this trend from all over the world. And Grenoble-based photographer Angelo Aliber is definitely one of them. 

From your Linkedin account you can find out that Angelo Aliber graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 2017 and graduated from the Grenoble Polytechnic Institute in 2023 with a degree in computer science. Taking into account the French education system, he could become a bachelor at 18 and graduate at 23. 

We fully admit that our conclusions could be erroneous and Angelo Aliber is now vacationing in the Alps in the vicinity of Grenoble. But too much indicates that it was he who could have died a few days ago in the steppe in the vicinity of Baikonur.